By Updated 2019-04-09

The Asia-Pacific Communication Alliance (APCA), established on October 25th at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, is one of the largest pan-Asian Alliances of social scientific researchers and educators. It is an academic community for communication and journalism research cooperation and educational exchanges in the Asia-Pacific area. APCA unites more than twenty communication associations from sixteen countries. The delegates of 20 presidents of communication associations and more than 20 representatives of scholars from Asia-pacific area attended the inaugural meeting.

The President of the Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Communication (CAHJC), Prof. Changfeng Chen from School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, was elected as the first President of APCA.

Vice-Presidents include: the initiator Prof. Shuhua Zhou, President of the Chinese Communication Association from University of Missouri in United States; the initiator Prof. Eyun-Jung Ki, former President of Korean American Communication Association from University of Alabama in United States; Prof. Jantima Kheokao, President of Asian Network for Public Opinion Research from University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.

The Director of the Academic Committee of APCA is Prof. Terry Flew, the President of the International Communication Association from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

The Secretary-General of APCA is Prof. Sung Kyum Cho, former president of the Korea Journalism & Communication Association from Chungnam University in South Korea.

The steering committee members also include Secretary, Prof. Jack Qiu from the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Advisory Committee Member, Prof. Dadang Rahmat Hildayat from University of Padjadjaran, the President of ISKI in Indonesia. There are twenty Special Council Members in it.